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Chaka poker is new and exciting game for poker enthusiast.

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Chaka poker is similar to Omaha Poker, but with some differences. Each player is dealt four cards face down, and five community cards. As in Omaha poker, the players must choose two of their four cards and use both of them to make the best hand possible. In Chaka poker, the preflop amount is predetermined, and it is a non-optional bet (like the blinds in Omaha poker). There is no option to raise or fold in the preflop phase. After the preflop bets have been collected from players, each player is dealt four cards face down; at the same time, three community cards are dealt. At this phase, the players have the option to place a bet or fold. After the bets are placed, the turn and the river cards are dealt and the winner is determined. There is no option to bet on the turn and river cards.

So, to summarize:


In Chaka poker, the preflop bet is mandatory. The bet amount is predetermined by the table type. A flop bet is optional. The bet amount is dynamic, being determined by the preflop amount and the number of participating players. E.g., if the preflop amount is 100 points, and 6 players are in the game, the post-flop amount is 600 points.


The game can be played with 6, 8 or 10 players, with variations of preflop amounts.